Grow your mission driven team in less time

while having more fun.

Business coaching and marketing training for lasting growth.

How do I grow?

Do Discipline

Focused effort over time will out do heroic feats in every circumstance.

Use Frameworks

Don't re-invent the wheel. Use proven frameworks to reduce headaches and grow fast.

Get Community

 Find people that care about your success and lock arms.

This is the way.

Lila S

The people who are drawn to Jake are high achievers, they are smart, successful, and have great input. It’s like having a dozen coaches at my fingertips in our conversation app at all times- one for everything I need.

Karen M

Jake's ability to recognize the untapped potential in others while also highlighting strategic ways for them to be successful renewed my confidence in my own ability to impact others. He is a servant leader who offers continuous support

Michael W

Jake has a gift for turning overly complex messaging into simple, clear, and effective copy. His ability to recognize the needs of his customers is unmatched and truly appreciated. If you feel like your message is unclear or confusing your prospects, Jake is your guy.

Meet Jake Jordan

Your Business Mission Guide

I worked as a director in ad agencies for over 10 years.  I was burnt out and nearly ready to call it quits.


Then I finally stopped chasing all the shiny objects and focused on 3 powerful pillars that all the best brands in the world have used for decades. Since then I've switched focus to helping cause-driven teams.


I'm here to help you build a clear path to growth so that you can help more of the people you care about. 





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