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Who is

Learn more about how God uses Jake and his network to grow people and orgs.

About my work

I'm Jake Jordan, the Christian business advisor that has worn all the many hats of business. But you may be asking


"Jake, what the heck is a Christian business advisor?"

I have found over the years that there are often two things missing from the workplace.


  1. A focus  on spending time alone with God - aka Solitude.

  2. And a focus on profits driven by a Godly vision.


Money is a helpful tool that is often under utilized by Christian leaders.

So I help Owners and C-Suite leaders create focus, strategy and habits around God's voice and good stewardship. That can take SO MANY forms. 

But everytime I get to go deep spiritually with a leader, we come out with an incredible thing on the other side.

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How I got here


I had a fun run as a real estate entrepreneur and speaker/trainer with a group in Colorado. I learned a ton about economics and got re-directed by the mortgage bubble (like many others)


I spent time as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) with 3 different ad agencies and got to work with a ton of amazing clients. I learned a lot about SEO, content marketing, social media, but most of all - online economics.


Like the rest of the world, a certain pandemic made me rethink my in-person coaching model. Were there ways to help more people get what they needed with LESS of my face in their space? 😆

So I set out to help business leaders remotely + in-person. 


Why I'm including God


The Bible says "where there is no vision, the perish". We must start with God if we want to see plans succeed.


Work is one of the primary means by which we fulfill our true purpose: to glorify God, serve, and further God's kingdom.


"But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. " (Mt 6) He will give you peace.






Things you might not know...

The weird and fun stuff.

I've been a DJ and Broadcaster

I went to Abilene Christian University to study broadcast journalism and business. In that time I worked as a sport radio producer, co-host and did voice-over work for local businesses. I still love to do audio for books and podcasts to this day. Check it out here:


I've written 3 books

As a creative person with lots of ideas, I've found writing to be one of my favorite pastimes. If I'm not on camera with a podcast or keynote, then I could be writing. It's mostly business books to date, but I have a novel in me somewhere too.


I love to outdoor.

One of my favorite things in life is to walk, hike, and enjoy the outdoors. Particularly the mountains. I took my kids on a 16-day road trip from Texas to Yellowstone National park. It was a bucket list item that I got to enjoy and share with my kids. 

PHOTOS (Coming Soon)

I  ❤️ Non-Profits

Currently, I sit on the board of two non-profits. They do completely different things, but both have the goal of sharing the gospel and supporting other non-profits. You can support one of them right here (win a vehicle!)


Where would you like to start?



I hold facilitated events to help highly productive C-suite leaders learn how to hear from God and take that vision back to their business.

I help fed up and frustrated Christian owners and CEOs find and concentrate on the most profit producing activities for their team.


Know what's amazing?

As a strong supporter of non-profits, I get the chance to give back a percentage of my profit and work hours to organizations that are doing amazing things. Here are just a few you support when working with me.

You can even win a vehicle! ---> HERE

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