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Grow your annual
revenue to $1 million.

Get training, and tasks to take your

business from today to the 7-figures,

for good.

Tired of?


  • Never having enough time
  • Not knowing the next step
  • Lacking the right resources and partners
  • Always chasing the cash you need to grow
  • Feeling no closer to your big-picture goals

30 Days
Put wasted cash back in your pocket in week 1
Find your clear advantage over competitors
Create an offer people would feel foolish not taking
Increase your current profit per sale
60 Days
Add 2-3X more revenue to each sale.

Increase the number of sales with bundling
SAVE sales with a lower offer to retain the relationship
Add more options to your service & product line.
90 Days
Create long-term partners to bring you business.
Learn how to use email & text to close more deals
Find new clients where they already hang out.
Leave with a strategic plan to expand digitally.

The Academy
(What you learn)

Cutting Costs


The most immediate way to find money in your business is to look at waste. And the beauty is EVERY penny you find goes directly into your pocket.


We cover:


  • Profit & Loss Setup

  • Cost of Goods

  • Vendor Costs

  • Partner Deals

  • Spending Priorities

  • and more...


You will leave with -


The opportunity to cut costs today, or prevent them from ever creeping in.

Light Bulbs

Glen Stevens

Our students LOVED Jake - he was seen as Yoda. His ability to ask simple questions that lead to complete clarity is incredible. I highly recommend working with his team.

Real customer feedback


Jennifer Filzen

The unique blend of business expertise, strategy and passion for success make this program unique. I went from 60k/yr to 280K, then to 400K. The guidance absolutely works if you are willing to commit.


Armando Cruz

As a business owner you face lots of uncertainty and risk. The coaches calm demeanor and presence makes you feel safe. And they have all the data to give a specific roadmap to grow.

Finding great business coaching today is like the Wild West.

  • This program seems expensive
    Coaching is an investment in yourself.
  • I already know business building stuff...
    We agree. And while knowledge is power, it is only effective when applied correctly.
  • Group Coaching doesn't work...
    Group coaching has the potential to feel generic and repetitive if not done with intention. That means you can spend a lot of money and feel like you get nothing. That's why we set up the program in THIS way: Learn the concept on your own time (the week before) Discuss the application for your business (in the calls) Apply and adjust the learning right away (the following week) Then you have access to the advisors and other business owners in the meantime to ask your personal questions. This was done on purpose to help make things stick.
  • I don't have time for studying...
    "I don't have time for studying" What people normally mean is "I don't have time for work that won't get me results." You won't find that here. We inform you about a principle through videos and worksheets so that you can come to the coaching calls ready to make adjustments to your business. The information is normally less than 30 minutes long. Do you have to add profit to your organization? IF NOT - we can help with that. Check out the free time management course below to help you make more time for the highest priority items in your day:
  • How do I retain all the new info I get and apply it?
    Two workflows are set up to help to you succeed: Multiple learning styles are addressed. You watch video, you listen to audio, you participate in writing and typing, and you discuss on Zoom calls. You will apply principles. Each week you will try out the tasks in your own business to test for your industry. You cannot move on to graduate from the cohort until each item is done. So this is a lab, not another course.
  • Do you know what you are doing? (The advisors)
    3 things I always check when I'm deciding if I want to pay somebody to help me grow: Have they done what they are about to teach me to do? Yes, all four of us have grown businesses from 0 to over 7 figures. Some of us 8 figures. Are they still active in business, or just teachers now? We all have multiple businesses and they are all active and thriving. Do the coaches have advisors? (Do they practice what they preach?) Yes . Each advisor is coached by a business mentor. And they also have mentors in their area of expertise. WHY? We all NEED coaches and advisors to grow the right way.
  • Will we ever even talk to the coaches?
    WE KNOW that group coaching can be underwhelming. Why? Because we pay for coaching and training just like you. And that means we know what good and bad group coaching programs look like. So here is how we solve that: You will have access to multiple coaches - no chasing around one coach to get an answer. Dedicated time in calls to answer your questions - every time. Unlimited access to a coach via email for personal challenges. That's how we turn a frown upside down 😁
  • What if it doesn't work for me?
    Fear of failure can be crippling. It can stop us from doing things that we KNOW we should at least try - but we don't. So ask yourself these 4 questions" What am I really afraid of? Writing down your fears can make them feel less overwhelming. Problems tend to look a lot smaller on the page. Who am I fighting for? Sometimes your fear stops you from helping people you care about. Reminding yourself of this can give you the push you need. What’s the worst that could happen? The worst-case scenario may not be as bad as you think. In many cases, failure doesn’t change much about your current situation, so what do you have to lose? What if I succeed? Think of how your life would improve if you followed through. Remember why you got into this in the first place. Failure with forward direction is momentum - and that's good. We are here to make sure you move forward! 😎

The Principals


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