Personalized performance coaching in small groups and 
at in-person events .


I help faith-driven leaders achieve their most meaningful goals 420% faster

A few organizations helped:

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Do your leaders battle? 

  • Lack of enthusiasm?

  • Poor time management?

  • Slowing or stalled growth?

  • Exhaustion?

  • Lack of direction?


Book a Call.


The Plan


Find Your Focus.

We help you set one main focus across the whole team. This often solves many culture issues just by putting everyone on the same mission.

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Create foolproof daily check-ins.

We create simple check-in routines that adapt to each individual, so things get done.

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 YOU will see success with partners that will keep you accountable to story your and systems.

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Jake M

Jake can sit down with you for 5 minutes and in that time give you solid direction, strategy, and action steps to move your business forward. Do yourself a favor and get on Jake’s calendar. Schedule something with him because your life and business will reach new heights.


Marie B

Jake, your persistent but gentle questions helped me to gain greater and clearer insights about how to take my next steps to reach my goals. You helped me to go farther faster.


Collier V

Let's just say it like it is – Jake's a bad ass!  He does an outstanding job communicating the vision and goals to get the best from everyone involved, and he possesses a calmness throughout each step of a project. He's a solid man, a great ally and if you get the chance to work with him - take it!

Meet Jake Jordan

Your Coach

I worked as a director in ad agencies for over 10 years.  I was burnt out and nearly ready to call it quits.


Then I finally stopped chasing all the shiny objects and focused on 3 powerful pillars that all the best brands in the world have used for decades. Since then I've switched my focus to helping organizations with a cause.


I'm here to help you build a clear path to growth so that you can help more of the people you care about. 

Daily Goal setting webinar

Most daily planners are useless. They list a bunch of tasks that don't lead you anywhere except... frustrated.

Want to get a daily routine that helps you accomplish more meaningful work?

*Takes you to my business coaching site for sign up.