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Learn how to find existing profit centers in just 5 minutes a week.   (Free newsletter)


Stop chasing strategies.

I show Christian business owners how to double their bottom line in 6 -12 months without spending more on marketing or increasing sales volume.


Start finding profit.

Is this you?


  • Christian business owner
  • A unique expertise
  • In business over 2 years
  • Have tried Traction, 4DX, Scaling Up, John Maxwell, Grant Cardone, or some guru
  • STILL not getting the growth or profit you want?

Working on a laptop

"The people in my group couldn't get enough of Jake. He was seen as the 'yoda coach' - because when he was around we always found an answer!"

Mark, Franchise Owner

Stop chasing strategies. Start finding profit.
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Find more money.

Here is how to search 12 areas of your business to find 100K or more in profit.

No gimmicks or promises, just results.

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