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It wastes your team's

time and money.

It stops you from helping more people you love!

It kills your online effectiveness. You



look lost instead of like a leader.

Meet Jake Jordan

Your Content & Effectiveness Guide

I worked as a director in ad agencies for over 10 years.  We often struggled to make content consistently bring in new leads.


I was ready to call it quits until I finally found the simple formula that made others successful. Since then I've made five figure content campaigns for 10 companies and thousands more for many others.


Now I'm making this knowledge available to others because I want to see cause-driven organizations like yours make an even BIGGER difference!

Ready for a change? We can help.

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We take time to understand the challenges of your team.

Gain Clarity​.


You spend time in a small group or 1 on 1 training to make your own personalized content plan.

Help More.


We support your team as you launch and watch your organization grow!

Curt M

Jake is one of the finest content creators online today. Each day, through his videos or through his podcast, he inspires me and teaches me how to be a better communicator. His vulnerability and storytelling also holds great value for non-work life, as well.

Karen M

Jake's ability to recognize the untapped potential in others while also highlighting strategic ways for them to be successful renewed my confidence in my own ability to impact others. He is a servant leader who offers continuous support

Michael W

Jake has a gift for turning overly complex messaging into simple, clear, and effective copy. His ability to recognize the needs of his customers is unmatched and truly appreciated. If you feel like your message is unclear or confusing your prospects, Jake is your guy.


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