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Get more profit...

Learn how to double your bottom line in 6-12 months without pouring more money into sales and marketing and doing it on God's terms.


Without losing your soul.

Is this you?


  • Christian business leader
  • Have a high-quality service or product
  • Spend money every month on sales and marketing
  • Paid for a coach or consulting before
  • STILL not making the progress you want?


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Find the Profit

Find out where you have the best chance to make quick progress on your profits.

Follow the Roadmap

Use our roadmap report to knock out all the next steps to get to your next breakthrough.


Get excited for the how these simple steps make your business and team grow!

Stop chasing strategies. Start finding profit.
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Working on a laptop

"Jake has a way of seeing right through all the garbage and knowing the next best step. It's his superpower"

Mark, Franchise Owner

Work on profit.

Here is how to search 12 areas of your business to find 100K or more in profit.

No gimmicks or promises, just results.

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Looking for God in
your business?

Many leaders know they should be more focused on God's plans for their business. But how can you do that?

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